PTF leading a field trip to Torrey Pines beach
(photo by Olga Miranda)

Earth Sciences Mentor (retired)

San Diego, California

E-mail address:
philfarq AT Google's mail service
Geology Guy

Archives of a brief teaching career

Optional Regional Geology Resource Books:

The Rise and Fall of San Diego: 150 Million Years of History Recorded in Sedimentary Rocks, Patrick L. Abbott, 1999, Sunbelt Publications.
ISBN: 0-932653-31-6

Roadside Geology along Sunrise Highway, Michael J. Walawender, 2011, San Diego Association of Geologists.
ISBN: 978-0-916251-19-2


A collesion of Earth Science articels can be found as my old Envireonmental Geolgy course pages at (new window)

Remains of my FINAL class: (Spring 2020)

There's still some useful stuff here: (new window)

Oh, yeah - one more thing from WAY back

Back to the beginning: making of a geologist, 1965 (new window)

Miramar College
(2012 through 2020)
Mesa College
(2012 through 2015)

MiraCosta College
(2008 through 2016)

Palomar College
(Spring 2014)

Southwestern College
(2005 through 2011)

Grossmont College
(2005 through 2007)

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Association of Earth Science Editors (President. 2018-2021)
San Diego Association of Geologists (Held various offices, 2003-08)
National Association of Geoscience Teachers
Geological Society of America
Sigma Gamma Epsilon (Earth Science Honor Society)
American Geophysical Union
American Association for the Advancement of Science
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